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About Vincent

Vince Miceli first got into the real estate game in 2014. After spending five years with a large residential broker, he realized he wanted a more challenging and fulfilling career, so it was time for a change. Vince had a strong desire to help improve the local economy and strengthen his community. In the fall of 2019, he met Jim Pickard and the rest is history.

When not working in real estate, Vince spends his free time enjoying the outdoors. Whether that be hiking local national parks or, weather permitting, spending time on the lakes and golf courses.

A recent success story- “This past summer, we met with an area fast food franchisee. One of his locations was outdated and no longer profitable. He wanted to sell his building and reinvest the proceeds into another location. While on the appointment I couldn’t help but think a car lot would do well in that location. There were a couple auto dealers in the area and the restaurant sat on a fairly large lot. I presented our listing to auto dealers and eventually brought a nationally branded, used car retailer to the table. There were a few hoops to jump through with zoning and permits but we were able to close in December and construction has begun.”

“This transaction is exactly why I do what I do. The buyer is investing substantial capital into improving the building and property thus giving it a brand-new life. The seller received considerably more for his building than expected and is reinvesting his proceeds into another commercial property. As a result of this successful transaction, we have played a major role in improving the local community by giving local tradespeople a large construction project to work on, improving the the area visually, adding higher paying jobs for area residents and increasing tax revenue.”

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